Day 1 attendum

from Kitzbühel to Kufstein taking the scenic small moutain roads, watching the sun go down through the trees while riding along small mountain rivers listening to the Ducati L2 roating sound just put a grin into my face again after the rain… Enjoying Mum’s cooking right now 😉 



Day 1

what a day, a hard day but good day. Leaving Vienna at 9am I chose a route on the B39 and B 25… Lunz am See, Admont, Liezen…Along the mountain rivers Enns and Salza, passing Ötscher, Göstlinger Alpen, Ennstaler Alpen… (The route was chosen to honor the stag party boys, cause we did some wildwater rafting there just a few days back;-) love ya boys ), continuing to Schladming alongside the mountains Dachstein and Tauern to Saalfelden and through Zell am See hitting Kitzbühel. The weather was most amazing, yet I managed to hit the only small spot in the country mountain pass ( Pass Thurn) where it was raining. (only for 10min)

Day 0

Preparing my bike took me many days resulting in +42 kg… Damn it she is heavy, hairpins will kill me. Got everything on board for riding, hiking, running, swimming, surfing, camping. Europe I am coming.

Planing the first route on my Garmin left me with two possible conclusions: i am too stupid for it, or Garmin s….  Lets do it old school. 😉