Day 39, 40, 41 going home

The swiss alps are quite a bit extremer than the Austrian mountains I am used to. Mountains are higher, valleys are narrower and the mountain pass roads are way more demanding. Starting my ride I headed straight for the Furka pass of which these last photographs are. Very soon the amount of traffic reminded me: Its Saturday! A lot of other vehicles of all kind were on that narrow, steep mountain road. Would that have been my first mountain pass, I would have loved. But it was not. I have seen so many mountain roads in the last days that I decided to leave the mountain roads to those who don’t have time during weekdays and did not go further over the Oberalp pass. Instead I took country roads and stretches of the highway, passing three lakes, riding through Liechtenstein and entering Austria over the Arlberg pass. The tunnel really was closed. 

Day 40: chilling at Hotel Mama.

Riding back home to Vienna I took a similar route as on my first day. My last one was a 10,5 hour ride and I can tell that much: I seriously enjoyed the quality of Austrian roads.

I did a total of 8553,8 km in 41 days, of which approx. 600 were on an Autobahn. I used about 1315 liters of petrol, three sets of tires, one can of chain lube and my tooth paste is finished. I put on my rain gear once, on the last day, because it was too cold without. Most likely I have killed about 4 million insects, but that is just a guess. Sorry for that.



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