Day 37,38 – Au Revoir France – Grüss Gott in der Schweiz

Before I start exploring the last two days let me just mention: I am out of France and I am so happy about that. Dear France, You will never see me again. I tried hard to be positive in all of the last descriptions but I just cannot anymore. The roads of that country almost took away my pleasure of riding a motorbike. How can a rich country have so terrible roads? I seriously don’t understand. All the mountain passes I took are just bad roads, seriously dangerous to drive. Yet the whole region partially lives in summer time of people who want to drive there. All the little roads in the country, from east to west, are full of spontaneous gravel or sand. Hotels are expensive yet quality does not nearly match the price. For me that is a once in a lifetime experience. The more important question for the future is: how can I get to Spain without touching french soil?

After the night in that horrible Hotel in Briancon I headed north for the passes Col du Galibier and Col d’Iseran passing some smaller passes on the way there. I prebooked a Hotel in Peisey close to Bourg St Maurice that looked fantastic on the internet just to have a good nights sleep. It was only 200 km away so in the afternoon I took some time to clean and service my Moto.

Arriving at the Hotel, which was actually a restaurant, there was nobody, it was desserted. The whole village, obviously a ski resort, was desserted. Finally I found some people at a Pizzeria and these super nice ladies managed to call the owner. Already a little bit pissed off at that time the room itself made it all good again and put a hug grin into my face. Private Jacuzzi in which you could actually swim. Of course, it did have a price tag.

My plan for the next day was leaving France and I did so going over the Col petite Bernard just to reenter France thereafter. I just had to see the Mont Blanc and go to the top. Going up there cost me 57E but the view is something  one has to do as a European in a lifetime.

Entering Switzerland I had a coffee in Martigny and then just hit the highway for 50 km to get a bit further east. There are quite a few more mountain passes ahead in order to get to Austria, the Furka Pass being the first one. Lets see how far I get. I just learned from the lady who ownes the Hotel I am in that the Arlberg tunnel is closed. So big question, where will I ride to tomorrow. Hasn’t that been the question for the last weeks?






























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