Day 32, 33 finding a big castle and changing the plan… again

waking up in Bagneres de Bicorre, it could not have been more Klischee. I woke up with some french chansons, the ones everybody knows. Looking out of the window, the street in front of the Hotel has turned into a market. No, the whole town has turned into market. Of course, I had to take a walk, eat all kind of different things. French food simply is good. 

At lunch time I headed of towards Carcassonne. That name, for me that is a fantastic board game, which is the only reason why I decided to go there. I was curious. Taking plenty of differnt small roads to get there, some of them good, most of them boring and some of them even seriously dangerous due to gravel on the tarmack I finally got there. Tired, going in circles not finding a Hotel I decided to take the Cafe – WiFi – Tripadvisor approach. Parking the bike a german biker approaches me: “ hey, hast Du ein Hotel ?“ „Nein, ich wollt hier im Cafe mal Tripadvisor checken!“ „Die haben kein Wifi…“ Well then, no Wifi, lets have a drink and we starting chatting. This guy is travelling with his wife. Nothing special about that, but his wife is in a wheelchair. On his bike he built this special sidewagon for her, the wheelchair mounted on the back and they are travelling for weeks through Europe. Besides the fact that they were supernice, I have the greatest respect for them… No hurdle is big enough to keep bikers from biking. Respect Respect to Toschi and Heide. Come to Vienna and visit me, please! 

Toschi activated his cell phone, build a WLAN hotspot and we ended up booking the same Hotel. At this time point all of us still had no idea about the whereabouts and the fuzz about this castle. ( the town has 50.000 inhabitants yet more than 3 million visitors yearly, must be something there, right).

On the way to the Hotel, crossing a bridge, it was there. What a sight, its just gigantic. And yes, looks like the cover of the boardgame. The inside of this medieval town is so full of Restaurants that it kind of looses its charme a bit. Still worth passing by, I would say.

The next morning I told the couple about my plans to go to Sete and South France. They, just as ALL others that I met on my trip,basically told me: forget South France.

Well then, where to go: Cevennes, Valley de Tarn, Viaduct Millau. Ok, I am going there. Taking again plenty of various roads to get from Carcassone to Millau, meeting french arrogance and grumpiness in some villages, some roads fantastic, some boring, some dangerous because slippery: the sight of the Viaduct Millau was worth it. The tallest bridge in the world, the highest in Europe. ( tall = height of pillars, high = bridge deck to valley floor. ).

I found this camp site. Camping le Cerisieres, small, clean, lot of trees and a perfect river to take a swim in after my ride. 


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