Day 30 mountainroad racing …. Again and again and again

Roads here in the western pyrenees are just absurdly good. The region doesn’t have the views or landscape compared to the east but that doesn’t bother me much… There is THE one thing to do. Just ride.

Todays route: leaving Pamplona on the N135 towards Esteribar, turning left on the N138 towards the french border. In the beginning the N138 is a tiny mountain road, bad quality, you meet cows and sheep and tractors and maybe some wild horses. After the border to France, in the Valle de Aldudes this road gets beautiful to ride.  In St Etienne de Baigorry I turned left to the D949 passing the Col d‘ Ispeguy ( a Tour de France mountain pass ) and that road is just perfect to get your tires shredded. So good. Hitting the N 121B ( nothing special about that road) I headed towards Biarritz for lunch. Biarritz: not my thing!! You can feel the arrogance almost instantly after you enter it. I had a fantastic Canard though. Anyways, my plans to maybe stay a night in Biarritz, no way, get out of there as fast as possible. I left Biarritz via the D932 and D918. Boring road until Uhart Cize. So I turned right to the  N135 and soon after the border ( back in Spain ) that road is so good for hitting the throttle I forgot that I am on a public road. Also because: there was no traffic, nothing, the road was mine alone to leave rubber marks. On the mountain peak it was so foggy for 5 minutes that I almost coudn’t see the road before me. After Orreaga (which seems to be a monastery) i turned left to the N 140 and again. Another road just to good to be true. Found a room in Ochagavia, having a beer while writing this.




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