Day 3 /4 – going to ITALIA

Day 3 ment no riding for me, I went cycling and swimming and that was just perfect. Highlight. I managed to photograph some lightnings.

Day 4: I started early again, 8am I was on the road heading for Landeck to then pass over to Italia over the Reschenpass riding along the Reschensee (lake) heading towards Prato. The ride along the lake with all the high mountains surrounding it was marvellous, just beautiful. No pictures taken though. I wanted to do some miles. Next goal: Passo dello Stelvio. It is the third highest mountain pass in Europe, famous amongst bikers all over Europe, also because it is considered one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, in Europe.

 And yes! Damn it, that was a hard one. Particularly because my bike is packed like crazy. After the first 20 or so ( maybe 30?) hairpins… I took a little break at the side of the road where I met a Swiss biker. I just asked him, we should be up there soon, right ?? He just shook his head… No, it‘ ll get worse, we haven’t even done a third. Aaahhhaaa, right. Well then, lets get going again. Reaching the top actually felt like an accomplishment. 2750m high, the air was thin. But then, a surprise: a famous Italian cycle race , the Stelvio race, took place today. The road going down the other side to Bormio was closed. For the next 4 hours. I am not going to make it to the town I planned reaching. Why do I even bother making plans? So far, and it only has been 4 days, I didn’t stick to any plan. 

Therefore, surrounded by more than 3000 cyclists, huge megaphones promoting every single biker who made it up there, I spent my time eating local sausages, drinking Espressi,  chatting with a Swiss, a Italian and a Finish motorbiker  (all stuck there). I believe I have even seen an eagle. It was defo a hunting bird, and way too big for any of the other kind. 

Finally, at 16:45, we can go: imagine 3000 cyclists, quite a few bikes and cars and camper vans going down a lunatic narrow mountain road at the same time… no fun.

I needed a Hotel, that was certain as soon as I was down. I didn’t want to stay in Bormio; head on! And then I got one of these moments when riding alone settles me into an unrest. 6:30pm, no Hotel in sight, the little towns I pass don’t look promising, the road I was on mostly consisted of lots of long tunnels, and I don’t really have a clue where I actually am. I did bring lots of maps, I just put them… somewhere. Anyway, my instintcts while travelling hardly ever let me down and I always found amazing places. So first thing: get off that road.

I took a random exit and I was back in my element. Riding through valleys, high mountains to both sides. As soon as I hit these curvy valleys I want to ride on and on, forgetting time, not bothering about nothing, forgetting existence…

Well, reality kicked back in. I need a roof over my head, its going to rain soon. For no reason I turned left, following a Sernio sign. Tiny village, maybe 100 houses, some Toscany style, some Tirolean style, and there it is. This cutest little hostel made out of bricks with water fountains in front of the entrance. I asked for a room, Sandro and Roberta replied, sure, but have a glass of water and a cake first. It‘ s a local speciality.


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