Day 2 – Tirol

I decided to stay a few days in Tirol to explore the region I grew up in yet know so little about its hidden beauties.

After a long sleep until 10am, to help my body fight the cold I still have to deal with, and a good breakfast I pressed the Start button of my machine at 12am. Pressing that button and listening to this burbling roaring thudding 2 cylinder beast just triggers a switch in my brain resulting in yes yes yes lets go…

Destination: Zillertal. Entering the  valley I followed a sign „Zillertaler Höhenstrasse“. Sounds good, I thought. Now that street payed respect to its name… It was high, going up to 2400m to Rastkogelhütte, and it was narrow. Cars had to reverse to take these crazy tiny hairpins. Not only was it narrow, the edge of the road was also the edge of the mountain with a vertical drop. My height anxiety got inspired. I was riding with goose bumps most of the time. And there was a lot od cars. For some obscour reason I have encountered: a dutch automobile convertible club that seemed to do a timed ralley, a Porsche Club with license plates coming from all over Europe and a Corvette Club, license plates all over Europe!  They all decided to meet on that tiny mountain road. After I got almost hit by a dutch driver in a BMW conv. because he didnt know how to take the hairpin.. I decided to explore another valley, another mountain peak. Next one was the Hintertuxer Gletscher, a dead end valley, had a coffee and a sandwich and decided to go back and take the turn to the Schlegeis Stausee. Good decision! Perfect mountain roads, along a wild river, going through scary tiny tunnels with water dripping from the ceiling. You are going up and up in this narrow valley, my ears closed from the height, countless waterfalls next to the road, and all of a sudden there is this sight of this big damn !! Overwhelming! And the glacier lake on top … It just made my day.

  That sight left me speechless

  Wondering why nobody went swimming .. Might be chilli though..;-)

 Roads to ride on … and on and on and on



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